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The entry fee is just $25.00 for the first 2 photos, $5 for every extra 2 photos - This fee includes a copy of the calendar which will be priority delivered to you as soon as it's released as a thank-you for being an early supporter of Paw Justice. Each extra photo is included as an entry into the competition.

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Entry pricing:

Number of Photos/Entries Price (includes 1 calendar)
1-2 $25
3-4 $30
5-6 $35
7-8 $40
9-10 $45

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Take the Challenge Today

Photos can be of dogs, cats, bird, horse or a bunny pretty much any kind of pet! Plus you can include pictures of your pets & kids if you wish.

All entries must be in Colour.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Polaroid, mobile phone pictures, poor quality photos or photos you have not taken / do not own the rights to.

This competition is open to New Zealand & Australian residents only.

Photos cannot be returned and will become the property of the Paw Justice Charitable Trust.

We may crop photos to fit our calendar format.


Paw Justice Charity reserves the right to extend, alter or conclude any sponsorship arrangement/prizes at any time should circumstances dictate.

The judging will be conducted in July 2013 and you will be notified if your photo is featured as pet of the month.

The major prize draw will be drawn by the police 20/07/2013. All entries must be received by 10/07/2013.

Additional copies of the calendar will be available for purchase at the end of October.

The proceeds from all calendar sales are used to help Paw Justice in the fight against animal abuse.


For more information, contact Paw Justice on 09 55 00541 or email