Take the Challenge Today

Paw Justice needs you to take our challenge and capture your pets' moment of greatness for a chance to win a spot in the 2014 Paw Justice calendar!

We have been so impressed with the amazing photos of your beloved pets that we want to make them world famous in New Zealand! We believe every pet is worthy of our challenge, so now the pressure is on to take some time and capture a special moment of your beloved pet for the Paw Justice 2014 Calendar. There is an entry fee of $25.00 (which also includes delivery of your own copy of the 2014 Paw Justice calendar).

With the amazing photos you take of your pets, you have the chance of your pet representing Paw Justice by featuring in the Paw Justice 2014 calendar. So please grab your cameras and capture that perfect shot! Make them worthy of a chance to feature in the Paw Justice 2014 calendar.

Take your time to capture a good photo of your pet and they can be in the running to feature in the 2014 Paw Justice Calendar as well as a bunch of other amazing prizes.

Enter Now: Click here to Enter & Win
$29 Entry & Calendar

The entry fee is just $25.00 per photo - this includes a copy of the calendar which will be priority delivered to you as soon as it's released as a thank-you for being an early supporter of Paw Justice plus an entry into the major prize draw raffle.

All proceeds go towards the Paw Justice Charity and our campaign to promote education & awareness of animal abuse.


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